Homeopathy overview 

Homoeopathy developed by German physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann is today a frequently misunderstood branch of medicine. Inspite of all the criticism and opposition from opposite school it has withstood the test of time. 

Not only it has become popular but widely used mode of treatment worldwide. It is the second largest system of medicine in the world according to WHO.

Similia similibus curentur i.e.,  "let likes be treated by likes"- this phrase has to be understood by in its entirety. Similarity may be of different types and the physician has to understand what type of similarity has to be covered with the medicine. If this concept of homoeopathic application is not understood properly, a chaotic state regarding the patient is going to persist. By reading materia medica and prescribing medicines on the basis of simple symptom similarity is not enough. By doing this the doctor is only covering the partial picture of the disease  and is not gaining the full perception of the patient’s disease as a whole.

In homoeopathy it’s not the disease in man but man in disease which is more important and without the wholistic approach the physician will fail any attempt to deviate from the well lead to distorted homeopathy.


No doubt these days everything is becoming expensive especially the allopathic treatment and hospitalisation. It pinches even to those also who can afford. The masses who can’t afford, for them there is no choice. They succumb to their problem. Recently even commercialisation has affected the homoeopathic profession leading to increase in cost. Lots of money is being pumped by the multinational companies for marketing their products and hence increase in cost. 

Looking at the present scenario Dr.A.K.Seth floated this idea of Affordable Homeopathy by paying fixed charges fixed charges for consultation and medicine, patient can consult a qualified homeopath and can avail the genuine homeopathic consultation according to homeopathic principles.  Affordable homeopathy doesn't believe in patents and no extra cost is charged to the patients by selling patent medicines in addition to regular medicine.

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