Happy Waffle… Sunday? Never a wrong day for waffles tbh. Especially when they’r…

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Happy Waffle… Sunday? 😆
Never a wrong day for waffles tbh. Especially when they’re pumpkin – and double ESPECIALLY when they’re in a loaded bowl. 🤩
Hello, Breakfast Squad! I know I’ve been posting a lot of *not bowl* content lately – but I was thinking today it was time to bring back a Gracefull Oats classic. 🤗 Waffles are still better when they’re in a bowl. So if you haven’t tried them in this glorious form yet you are 100% missing out. 🤭
ANYWAY – as for the *not bowl* content… that’s gonna keep happening. 😬 I know most of y’all are here for everything that I post – and I appreciate that immensely. But I was thinking of what more I could do to bring value to this platform… and I felt like it was time to channel my pastry chef roots and bring you guys more bakes. 🥰 SO I’ve planned out a really fun October with a bunch of new recipes. I’m talking not just muffins and loaves – but also cakes and truffles and crisps… with a lil’ Halloween spook in a few of those. 👻 I’m really excited to show y’all even more of what I have to offer – and ofc the breakfast bowls are still gonna be sprinkled throughout so don’t you worry. Girls gotta have her oats! 🥣
I love y’all so so sooo much! Have an amazing day! Xoxo
– naturespathorganic pumpkin waffles + siggisdairy vanilla yogurt + banana + berries + chopped pear + woodstockfoods almond butter + micheles_granola + thespicehunter sweet seed topper + maple syrup ofc

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