I think my feed is slowly reaching peak Fall vibes and it’s only been Fall for l…

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I think my feed is slowly reaching peak Fall vibes and it’s only been Fall for like 3 days! 😜
Can you tell this is my favorite season? It might not be the most vibrant – but I love a warm color palette. Even this mocha smoothie bowl comes off as cozy even though it’s technically frozen. 😆
Happy Sunday, friends! I saw a recipe for a “bone broth smoothie” when browsing for breakfast inspiration – so I figured I’d try my hand at my own version. I know your immediate thought is to be turned off by chicken broth in a smoothie – mine was too. But don’t knock it till you try it!
I made this baby with revivesuperfoods mocha blend and added chilled kettleandfire chicken bone broth in place of the liquid. Y’all, I couldn’t even taste the broth! Just coffee chocolate goodness shined through. 🥰 This way I get plenty of protein and nutrients in a new and fun form. Cause as much as I love protein powder – I do get a little sick of it from time to time. 🥲
So if you’re feeling adventurous – maybe join me in trying bone broth smoothies? Just so I seem like less of a weirdo? 😝 Deets are below and K&F discount code is in my bio!
I hope y’all have an amazing rest of your weekend! Website launches TOMORROW! Love y’all! Xoxo
– revive superfoods mocha madness blend with added 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower rice and 1 tbsp cocoa powder blended with 1/4-1/2 cup kettle&fire chicken bone broth until light and fluffy. Topped with banana, apples, dried figs, micheles_granola and thespicehunter crunch topper, woodstockfoods coconut mix, and abbysbetter coffee almond butter.

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