I’M BACK ON MY OAT GAME AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Lemme tell y’all – Atlanta …

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Lemme tell y’all – Atlanta is amazing but they don’t know how to make a Gracefull Oats sweet brekkie. 😂 I was legitimately running around the city looking for a bowl of oats and some yogurt but all I found were omelettes and French toast. 🙃
I don’t wanna see an egg for a hot minute – so if you were ever wanting to see a savory breakfast on this page I’m sorry! 😝
Anyway – happy WEDNESDAY my loves! I’ve missed you guys! Like I know I’ve been on here but I really haven’t BEEN on here. This vacation is definitely something that was much needed cause I was 100% burning myself out – but I really missed engaging with you guys and checking in on my stories. 💕
I know I don’t get too personal cause tbh the whole “influencer” thing kind of fell in my lap. I am so grateful to be able to do this for a living; but I definitely have days where I really don’t know what I’m doing or I’m afraid of showing my face because vulnerability is hard.
I think this trip was good for me because it allowed me to take a step back and really see where I want this page to go – and who I want to be as a Creator. I can’t say there are gonna be huge changes to the page you know and love; but there will be another city you’ll be seeing more of in the next year. 🥰
Atlanta is home for me… and I’ll be making steps to move back in a few months. 😉 So stay tuned!
I love y’all so so much! Thanks for being here. Have an amazing day! Xoxo
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