Me feeling like a straight up fitness influencer in my new Muse set. Then you …

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Me feeling like a straight up fitness influencer in my new thirdlove Muse set. 💕
Then you see the Publix sub in the background and you remember that I’m a foodie through and through. 😆
Happy Thursday, loves! Can’t really say y’all are gonna see fitness content on this page – but you can sure as heck bet that I’ll plug my favorite activewear because that’s what I wear on the daily. 🙌🏻
I’m thankful that I’ve found acceptance for my body throughout the past year or so – it’s a journey I’ve documented on my blog if you’re interested. I honestly would not have worn a crop out in public at this time last year due to my body dysmorphia. Last years me would have cringed at the idea of taking pictures of my upper half and exposed tum.
But now it’s a different story. I see my body as strong and capable and beautiful. I confidently and comfortably wear crops and leggings that show the parts of myself I used to be insecure about – even when I’m a little bloated from enjoying a hefty sandwich.
I’m proud to be able to partner up with Thirdlove – who promotes body positivity and inclusivity and makes activewear that makes me feel comfortable in more ways than one. ✨
If you’re into it: use the code ACTIVE20 for 20% off your first purchase. I love y’all endlessly. Thanks for supporting your gal. Xoxo

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