Pumpkin bread AND pumpkin pancakes in the same day? I might turn into a pumpkin…

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Pumpkin bread AND pumpkin pancakes in the same day? 🎃
I might turn into a pumpkin at this point… and it’s only October 3rd. 😝
Happy Mean Girls Day, Breakfast Squad! I’m hoping y’all get that reference cause if not I’m about to feel old af. 👵🏻 Got a little mind dump so get ready. 😬
Every few months – I find myself and my content become stagnant. I lack inspiration or I get caught up in what I feel like my feed “should” look like because I don’t want to disappoint my ers that came for a certain aesthetic. But as time goes on and I grow and change – so must this page.
Cause if we’re not striving for improvement or trying new things… then what’s the point?
I’ve gotten tired of “only” posting bowls; and putting myself in this box where I trick myself into thinking I can’t possibly shoot a plate or make lifestyle content or post savory more often. I’ve told myself why get creative when you’ve gotten popular with what you’ve been doing? But in the end – if I’m not happy with my content and my own direction… then Gracefull Oats is simply not authentic.
Being authentic and vulnerable is what I strive to be always. I want to show people that this platform shouldn’t be just a highlight reel. That’s not life. That’s not real. I want to be real with y’all – and telling you guys that I’m gonna start branching out with the content on this page is how I’m remaining authentic.
Am I scared? Yeah. But I also want to stop archiving posts because I’m having an existential crisis soooo… I’ll embrace the fear of change. 🥲
So pls enjoy the first plate I’ve posted on this platform in months. I’m proud of her. I hope you like her too. ☺️ Thanks for listening and have an amazing day! Xoxo
– birchbenders protein mix with 40g libbyspumpkin and 40g milk and cooked until golden. Topped with siggisdairy vanilla, pears, berries, grapes, sprinkles of goodmixfoods and micheles_granola and ofc abbysbetter date pecan and maple syrup drizzles.

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